What will the mini electric future look like?

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What will the mini electric future look like?

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The Mini, an unexpectedly fun-to-drive small car that emerged from the fuel crisis of the late 1950s in the UK. is in a revolution again This time, it was driven by climate change and parent company BMW's plan to produce all electricity by 2030.

Mini isn't new to battery power - the สมัครสมาชิก SLOTXO Mini E pilot program started in 2008. The current Mini SE electric car has been in high demand since it went on sale in 2020, but that's not the future.

Both Mini E and Cooper SE are modifications of existing internal combustion engines. So we haven't really gone into space yet,” Mike Peyton, vice president of MINI of the Americas, told TechCrunch.

Like almost every automaker, the Mini is working on a dedicated electric platform for future cars. However, the center focus isn't quite as wide-ranging as the drivetrain. It must drive like a mini.

It must be fun. It has to be a matter of mini controls. And we think it's a really good match. Overall, very good for electrification,” says Payton. The feel of the go-kart behind the wheel Mini is famous for wanting to be there, even if the car is powered by electrons rather than dead dinosaurs.

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