No Way Home's New Trailer Features the Green Goblin

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No Way Home's New Trailer Features the Green Goblin

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We clearly saw Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Electro, Sandman and the Lizard!Spider-Man: No Way Home has another epic trailer on Tuesday. A month before the Marvel Cinematic Universe hits theaters on December 17, it follows the first trailer, which focuses on the film's multiple villains, broke a YouTube record in the summer.

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Unlike the previous example The latest has confirmed that Spidey's villain gallery is now available to play. We get a clear shot at Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe), Doc Ock (Alfred Molina), Sandman (at least the CGI version of him), Electro (Jamie Foxx, whose bolts are now yellow instead of blue bolts in The Amazing Spider- Man 2)

and the incredible Lizard too (also in CGI at 2:21 in the video)! Peter Parker also showed off his dark suit.For those hoping to see the return of Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield -- sorry, they're not in this trailer either. The pair, who played previous versions of Spider-Man, were rumored to be returning with an open license.

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